At Nigerian Metallurgical Society (NMS), we take pride in our community of passionate individuals dedicated to the field of Metallurgy Our Membership Page serves as a testament to this vibrant community, showcasing a comprehensive list of verified members who have been confirmed and are bonafide contributors to our society.

To become a part of this esteemed group, individuals can initiate the journey by accessing the “Create Membership” section on our website. Through a seamless process, aspiring members can submit their information and credentials, which are meticulously reviewed by our team to ensure authenticity and alignment with our values.

Once confirmed, members are included in our exclusive list of verified members, which is compiled into a downloadable PDF format. This list not only recognizes the dedication and expertise of our members but also serves as a valuable resource for networking and collaboration within the Metallurgical association .

We invite you to explore the diverse profiles of our verified members and witness the collective passion and expertise that define the Nigerian Metallurgical Society. Join us in advancing the field of meteorology and shaping the future of our society.

Ready to embark on this journey? Start your membership process today and become an integral part of our dynamic society  at Nigerian Metallurgical Society!

List of all registered members

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